United Muslim Masjid was established on October 11, 1994. Our goal is to build a strong Islamic community on Qu'ran and Sunnah; devoted to serving the religious, social and educational needs of the Muslim community of Philadelphia. 


United Muslim Masjid

810 S. 15th Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19146

United Muslim Islamic Center

1251 Point Breeze Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Support our leadership through a "Gift of Love"

UMM is introducing our first annual “Support Our Leadership Drive”. Dr. Tahir Wyatt and Imam Hanif Fouse are the preeminent tandem of scholarship and Islamic ministry that has many people from all over the US and abroad inspired, educated and Islamically enlightened. This annual initiative is being undertaken to supplement and support our current budget for salaries, existing and dynamic programs, classes and lectures that our new leadership is fast becoming recognized for.


To sustain and continue our new leadership of Islamic academic and community excellence, it requires financial stability through support in the form of your contributions. We pray we can count on our supporters who share the vision of our new Islamic leadership. A major challenge is that random donations fluctuate and do not allow us to measure our budget with predictability thereby impacting our deliverables, salaries and services. 

Through a designated contributions program we can plan our leadership’s growth and development better. It is through your gift of support that these possibilities can become actualities.  Through sustained revenue streams we can make our common vision obtainable. 

Some of our current educational programs are:
Accessible Arabic Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced readers,
The Tuesday Evening Classes featuring: Beautiful Names of Allah, Surah Maryam, The Story of Musa, Explanation of The Morning and Evening Adhkar, Quran for Kids, Madressah and much more. We need your support to offer additional services, including but not limited to: ASEP (our After School Educational Program), new Muslim orientation, and the creation of educational materials and multi-media presentations.

“Gift of Love” humbly requests supporters to donate to UMM in annual donations of $250, $500, $750 and $1,000. You can make your donations monthly in the following corresponding and approximate amounts of $20, $41, $62 and $83 through automatic deductions via PayPal, credit/debit or ACH (checking account withdrawals). We even offer the option of a ONE DOLLAR A DAY DONOR OPTION! If you prefer to make a one-time donation, that option is also available. You can also submit your donations in the form of cash, check/money orders and Ca$h App (electronic but not automatic). 

Easy Monthly Payments

Easy One Time Payments

Our Preference is to collect contributions via an electronic pledge process. It is understood that some people feel more comfortable making payments through a non-electronic means. If that is your preference you may send checks or money orders payable to:


"United Muslim Masjid"

810 S. 15th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146 

In the memo: "Gift of Love"

UMM's Gift of Love