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Imam Hanif Fouse was born in Compton, CA. He is a 2000 Graduate of California State University, Long Beach, CA. He also holds a Master's degree from University of Exeter, Exeter UK in Education.  He has extensive experience as an instructor in both the USA and KSA and as a lecturer and translator on Islamic topics. 
Imam Hanif Fouse took the position as the "Imam Ratib" (or resident Imam) of United Muslim Masjid in November of 2017. Soon Imam Fouse will be holding regular weekly classes at both UMM and UMIC. Currently he gives sermons (i.e. Khutbahs) at both UMM on So. 15th St. and UMIC at 1251 Point Breeze Ave in Philadelphia.  

Shaykh Dr. Tahir Wyatt

Tahir has published several Journal entries including, but not limited to his work entitled “Prerequisites of Simultaneous Interpretation of Prophetic Traditions”, as well as served as the Chief Editor for many scholarly publications. Tahir has been selected by Professors, Religious Scholars, and Saudi Arabian Dignitaries to translate various articles, books, essays, lectures, and Scholarly works on a wide array of subjects here in the U.S. and abroad. In November 2012 Tahir was appointed by Royal Decree as the first person to teach Islam in English at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, the second holiest site in the Muslim World. This Mosque accommodates over a million worshipers; and in March 2014, Tahir was honored with the appointment of Simultaneous Interpreter for the Imams of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah Saudi Arabia.

While performing all of these duties abroad Tahir has been a constant resource and facilitator to mosque’s, Islamic center’s, universities, penal institutions and local governments on a variety of topics centered around Islam and current events.

Tahir Wyatt successfully defended his dissertation in October 2017 and earned his PhD in at the Islamic University of Medinah, KSA. He received the highest classification - Mumtazz with a recommendation to publish his work , a lofty accomplishment for our homegrown academician. He has been married for twenty years (20) and has five children.


Qasim F. Rashad - Amir/Chairman

Carlin Saafir, Esq - President

Mohammed Sharif, Esq - Secretary

Sultan Dawan - Treasurer

Tahir Wyatt - Resident Scholar

Tariq Ali

Kashief Abdul-Azziz

Qasim Shaakir

Adib Abdul-Waheed

Shahied Dawan


United Muslim Movement, Inc (UMM) opened its first Masjid on October 11, 1994 at 810 S. 15th Street in Philadelphia PA.  The Masjid was developed after a group of brothers approached Brother Kenny Gamble aka Luqman Abdul-Haqq of Philadelphia International Records recording fame about using a building in which to establish prayer.  The Masjid was filled to capacity at the first Friday prayer service.  In 1995, the Masjid was expanded into 808 S. 15th Street.  Although the capacity was doubled to hold about 350 people, the Masjid was filled to capacity at the first Friday prayer service after the expansion.  The Masjid has had to create a makeshift prayer area in the driveway and street outside behind the Masjid to accommodate those attending Friday prayer services.  In 1998 UMM merged with the International Muslim Brotherhood/Quba Institute.  This union brought about the construction of another Masjid at 4641 Lancaster Avenue.  The merger was later dissolved and the Masjid is now owned and operated by the International Muslim Brotherhood which has since been renamed Masjid Quba.

Over the years UMM planned to build a Masjid from the ground up at the southwest corner of Broad and Christian Streets on what is known in Philadelphia as the Avenue of The Arts.  In 2005 we found that the project was not feasible. In 2006 we purchased another building at 1251-53 Point Breeze Avenue in South Philadelphia. United Muslim Islamic Center (UMIC) opened its doors in the fall 2007, designed, constructed and built by the believers in the community. We serve the Point Breeze community in South Philadelphia. We are open for classes and special T’aleems and Jumuah is held every Friday at 1:00 pm sharp.

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