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The Resident Imam of United Muslim Masjid is Imam Hanif Fouse.

Imam Hanif Fouse was born in Compton, CA. He is a 2000 Graduate of California State University, Long Beach, CA. He also holds a Master's degree from University of Exeter, Exeter UK in Education.  He has extensive experience as an instructor in both the USA and KSA and as a lecturer and translator on Islamic topics. 
Imam Hanif Fouse took the position as the "Imam Ratib" (or resident Imam) of United Muslim Masjid in November of 2017. Soon Imam Fouse will be holding regular weekly classes at both UMM and UMIC.  Currently he gives sermons (i.e. Khutbahs) at both UMM on So. 15th St. and UMIC at 1251 Point Breeze Ave in Philadelphia.

Imam Fouse possesses extensive experience as an educator that make him prepared to provide spiritual guidance and education to Muslims in a unique and profound way. 

An educational specialist with extensive experience dealing with people of diversified religious and cultural backgrounds. He is experienced in educational curriculum design and development for Islam and English. He is also a proficient Arabic-English translator. Known for good work ethic, dedication, and timeliness. Core competencies including the following: 

• Curriculum Development • Instruction • Oration • Supervision • Staff Development • Translation 

Email Imam Hanif click here

UMM main phone number (215) 546-6555.

Imam Fouse contributes academic articles to the United Muslim Masjid’s official website which is www.

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