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     10 Principles Concerning     Purification of the Soul
with Imam Hanif Fouse 
Class Resumes in January
In Shaa Allah 

Since purifying the soul has its level of importance, it is obligatory upon each Muslim who desires good for himself to give great importance to this matter and to struggle against his soul in his life to actualize this praiseworthy goal; so that he may be successful in his worldly life and his Hereafter, and so that he may enjoy true happiness.

The soul has a right upon the Muslim, as the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) has said:

                                   “Indeed, your soul has a right upon you.”

He has erred who believes that the right of the soul is that one is harsh upon it and deprives it of its right that Allah has created it with an innate need for. Likewise, he has erred who believes that the right of the soul is that one is negligent and neglectful of its management and leaves it drowning in its lusts, and the likes.

Purification of the soul is different from the likes of this. Rather, purification of the soul is by way of the legislative methods, balance, and moderation, such that there is neither negligence nor exaggeration, Instead, it is by clinging to the guidance of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his firm methodology.

I will mention, within this concise work, ten important principles that will assist the Muslim in purifying and strengthening his soul as well as cleansing it from everything that would sully and defile it.

Al-'Aqidah AL-WASITIYYAH.jpg

Sharh (Explanation): al-Aqeedah al-Waasitiyyah
Presented by: Abu Muhammad,
Graduate of Islamic University of al-Madinah, KSA

Every Friday after Ishaa Prayer


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     Inner Dimensions of the Prayer
with Dr. Tahir Wyatt 
Tuesdays after Ishaa

This captivating work takes readers on a vivid journey through the stages of prayer, highlighting their deep meaning and connection to Allah. Unlocking the Secrets of Prayer: Explore the impediments to achieving khushu' (inner attentiveness) in prayer as identified by the author

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