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Weekly Class Schedules

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Tafsir of the Quran
With Imam Hanif Fouse 

6:30pm-8pm [est]
May 15th- July 3rd, 2023

Course Description: This course seeks to familiarize participants with the meanings of some of the most often read surahs of the Quran, exploring the overall themes of each surah, linguistic idiosyncrasies,  the relationship between given ayaat in a surah as well as elements of Quran science (e.g. surah type) and Quran exegetical theory (e.g. revelational context). It is hoped that with a better understanding of the meanings of these surahs, participants will enjoy better focus in their prayer and gain greater confidence that the Quran is, indeed, the infallible speech of our Loving Creator.

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Foundations of Islam
('Brothers Only)
With Imam Hanif Fouse

2pm-5pm [est]
May 15th- July 3rd, 2023]

Course Description: A brief and detailed look into the core pillars of Islam from the Shahada, Salah, Zakat, Fasting & Hajj. Other discussion topics are the articles of Faith, Tawheed, and matters of Fiq. This is a must-attend for both new Muslims and those who've been practicing for years. 

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