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The first payment of $50 plus a $25 non refundable registration fee is due by  September 22nd. Please make payments in the order that you owe. If you have not made the first pay yet, that would be the scheduled payment you select first. Then follow the payment schedule. The second payment is due October 6th and the final payment is due October 20th. [If you wish to make ALL three at once there is a schedule for that.] There is only one payment schedule for the $75 plus the $25 registration for Intro to Arabic course. 

Have you studied Arabic before but found yourself frustrated with the process? Or have you always thought that learning the language of the Quran was too daunting of a task? If so, you should register for *Accessible Arabic*. Our educational and linguistic experts have thoroughly deconstructed the famous “Madinah Books” into digestible blocks, extracted the learning objectives, and added several components that help increase practicality. The formal and informal assessment checkpoints throughout the course will allow you to measure your progress and gauge your grasp of key skills. Even if you have never studied Arabic before, enroll in the 8-week *Accessible Arabic* course and begin your journey with our experienced instructors.


Accessible Arabic runs from July 1 - Aug 19 (8 week course) Placement Exam will be on Sunday June 24, 2018 at 1:30 PM @ UMM (810 S. 15th St.) Only new applicants need to take the placement exam Levels 1A, 1B, 1C (timings TBA on website) There will be an introductory level for those not yet fluent in reading Arabic

The total cost for the 8 week course is $150 of which $50 down payment is required to secure your place in class. The cost for the Introductory Arabic course is $75 which is to be paid in one payment. Please make your first payment below (There is a one time $25 registration fee:

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